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Zurich Airport is a large and popular establishment in Switzerland, and is also commonly referred to as Kloten Airport, due to its particularly close proximity to this area. It is the largest airport in Switzerland, handling over 31 million passengers per year, and is a hub for Swiss International Air Lines and Edelweiss Air. Zurich Airport is found just 12 km, or 7 miles from Zurich, the capital city of the country, and also a major tourist and financial center. Nearby the airport, are the areas of Rümlang, Oberglatt, Winkel and Opfiken. Passengers have a variety of travel options to and from Zurich Airport, including bus services. The buses are very cost efficient, and offer transport to a variety of destinations, within Zurich, and to other areas surrounding the city.

Zurich Airport consists of three terminal buildings, namely, Terminal A, Terminal B and the new extension of Gate E, built as a midfield terminal. Passengers arriving at the airport will find that the terminals are all connected with underground airport trains, which operate on an automated and continuous basis throughout the day and night. Certain parts of the airport are currently under renovation, in order to implement the plans of the airport’s 2010 project, and additional buses have been allocated to provide an extra means of transport for passengers moving between the terminals. Bus transport is also available from Zurich Airport for passengers who need to reach the center of Zurich, as well as other areas nearby.

The buses to and from Zurich Airport are operated by the Zurich Regional Public Transport Company, or ZVV. The ZVV buses depart from the area directly above the newer Check-in 3 zone, located behind the car parks 2 and 3. This area of the airport can be reached from the airport’s shopping center. On average, approximately eleven different bus routes are available from Zurich Airport to the center of Zurich, at frequent times throughout the day and night. The buses depart from the airport about every ten minutes. The ZVV buses travel to areas further from the airport as well, such as Winterthur, Zurich-Oerlikon and Glattal, and coach services provide transport to the popular cities of Geneva, Bern and Lucerne. Buses are, of course, available in the alternative direction as well, for passengers departing from Zurich Airport.

Zurich Airport is fully accessible for disabled passengers, with lifts and ramps to facilitate movement to upper areas and floors of the buildings, adequate toilet facilities for wheelchair users, reserved parking areas and a number of additional services. Persons can also easily reach the areas from where the buses depart with reduced mobility, and some of the buses are equipped for their needs. When an easy-access, low-platform bus is required, it is best to contact the Zurich Regional Public Transport Company to ensure that one will be available for your route on that specific day.

Tickets for the bus services should be purchased before boarding the bus, and are available from the ticket office in the terminal building of Zurich Airport, at VBZ Ticketerias, all train stations, at the Zürichsee Schifffarhrtsgesellschaft (Lake Zurich Navigation Company) on Bürkliplatz, at larger hotels and from the tourist service of the main station. Some of the types of tickets available include the ZVV Network Pass, a multiple day pass and multiple-journey ticket, day pass and single ticket, ZVV 9 o’clock pass, Albis day pass, Class upgrade, Zone upgrade, group tickets and the ZVV Travelcard. Bus tickets can also be purchased from the automated ticket machines at all bus stops in the Zurich area, or by credit card over the phone. The contact number to call is 0848 988 988. The various ticket offices and bus stations located throughout Zurich sell the types of tickets that are relevant to the needs of the passengers who make use of the location.

All passengers on buses in Zurich must have a valid ticket or travelcard with them at all times. Upon boarding the bus, passengers are required to stamp, or validate their tickets in the machines provided. Any person found without a valid ticket may be liable for some heavy fines. A bus or train ticket that has been forged will result in even higher charges, and the person responsible will be liable for criminal consequences.

Other forms of bus transport from Zurich Airport include the winter sport coaches, and shuttle buses provided by the larger hotel groups in the area. Since that Switzerland is popular for skiing activities, and that Zurich is within road access of the Swiss Alps, many passengers arriving at the airport come to engage in winter sporting activities. During this time, regular buses provide transport to the ski slopes, destinations in the Swiss Alps and also within neighbouring countries. The coaches are a modern and very comfortable way to travel.

Many of the hotels in Zurich provide complimentary transport for their customers to and from the airport, in particular those nearby the airport’s location, as well as hotels found in the city center. The hotel shuttles collect their passengers from in front of Arrivals 1 and 2, but passengers should always request, or book the service in advance of their flight to the airport. Certain hotels don’t operate their own shuttle buses, but may share a transport service with a larger hotel group. The hotels providing transport from Zurich Airport include the Hilton Zurich Airport, Hotel Airport Best Western, Hotel Allegra, Hotel Fly Away, the NH Zurich Airport and the Park Inn Hotel Flughafen Zurich. A hotel shuttle is the best option for passengers who wish to travel directly to their hotel room after arriving at the airport.

The majority of passengers travelling to or from Zurich Airport find the bus services to be very reliable and convenient, as well as the most cost effective form of transport available.