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EUROPCAR Car Rental at Zurich Airport
EUROPCAR Car Rental at Zurich Airport

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EUROPCAR Car Rental Services at Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is found in the Canton of Zurich, and partially located in the areas of Kloten, Rümlang, Oberglatt, Winkel and Opfiken. The airport is just 12 km from Zurich, the capital city of Switzerland, and also the financial and business hub of the country. Although popular for its banking activities, Zurich is also a major tourist center, and Zurich Airport provides an important gateway to the region. Over 31 million passengers pass through the airport each year, and it is a hub for Swiss International Air Lines and Edelweiss Air. Hiring a car is one of the most chosen forms of transport at Zurich Airport, as it allows visitors the freedom to thoroughly explore the city or the famous Swiss Alps. Europcar offers their services at the airport, and many passengers choose Europcar for their reliable, friendly service, and low car rental rates.

Zurich Airport consists of three terminal buildings, of which the newest is the midfield terminal E. Passengers are able to transfer between the buildings by way of an automated, and underground train system. All the car hire companies, such as Europcar, are found in the Parking 3 area of the airport, on the ground floor. Europcar is open at this rental location from 06:30 to 23:30, although they may be able to stay open earlier or later with extra charges. During these times, reservations can be made, or vehicles which have already been reserved can be collected. Customers will also need to return their rented car to the parking area of the airport signposted as ‘Departures, Rental Car Return’. However, customers who have arranged a one way hire will return their car to a different Europcar rental location, perhaps even in another city or country. A one way rental is a good option for those who will not be returning to Zurich Airport, but may incur additional charges, especially if the car is returned to a further location.

Services from Europcar may include hand controls for disabled drivers, and the rental of car seats, satellite navigation systems or ski-equipped vehicles. At Zurich Airport, hand controls should always be booked in advance, at least 48 hours prior to your arrival at the airport. It is recommended to make an advanced booking for hand controls, or for ordinary vehicles, from Europcar’s website at Drivers use hand controls with a lower limb deficiency, as they operate the accelerator and brake pedals of the vehicle, which has an automatic transmission. The device may come with a steering wheel knob, and is hired free of charge by most car rental companies.

Parents of young children will know that a car seat will be an essential part of their journey, for the safety of their little ones, and for the peace of mind of the adults. It is also recommended to consider hiring a GPS unit for your journey if you are unfamiliar with the city of Zurich, or the areas to which you will be driving. Although maps can be purchased, they do not compare to the convenience of a satellite navigation system, which will also come with an extensive list of pre-programmed points of interest, enabling the driver to find nearby fuel stations, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, places of business etc. Additional items such as a baby seat will cost a bit extra per day of rental, but greatly contribute to the success of your trip in Zurich.

At Europcar, Zurich Airport, there is a wide range of vehicles from which to choose, and all cars are divided into various car groups. Customers will therefore be selecting a car category for their rental, rather than a car by its specific make and model. Europcar’s vehicles are only of the latest models possible, not older than six months, and are therefore very reliable vehicles in good mechanical order. Customers will also find them to be clean and well maintained, and to provide the perfect start to their holiday or business excursion. All Europcar’s vehicle categories can be viewed on their website, at, and pictures of example vehicles for each category are shown, along with their expected passenger and luggage capacities.

Smaller car rentals are often very popular for many customers, as the vehicles come with affordable rental rates. The cars are also very fuel efficient, which will help customers to save money. The Renault Twingo, Fiat Panda and Seat Ibiza are examples of Mini vehicles, while the VW Polo, Nissan Micra and Ford Fusion may be hired from the Economy category. The Compact category is another very popular car group, which contains vehicles such as the Peugeot 308, an automatic vehicle, the Volkswagen Golf and the Renault Clio Break. Although these cars are an excellent choice for city driving, families planning on a longer journey may require a car with more interior space, and one with more space for luggage.

Larger vehicles from Europcar are found in the Intermediate, Standard and Fullsize vehicle categories, and usually seat up to five or more people. There may also be estate vehicles available, such as the Ford C-Max and Peugeot 307 SW. Vehicles seating seven people include the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso and the Renault Grand Scenic, while even larger cars/vans with room for up to nine may be similar to the RN Trafic Combi Long and Mercedes Viano. Another two vehicles seating seven are the Renault Espace and RN Trafic Generation 1.9D.

For all further details, it is best to contact Europcar directly, at their Zurich Airport rental location.

Address: Zurich Airport
Parking 3 G1
8058 Zurich

Telephone Number: +41 43 255 56 56

Where is the EUROPCAR Rental Desk at Zurich Airport?

Map of EUROPCAR rental desk at Zurich Airport

What are EUROPCAR Opening Hours at Zurich Airport ?

Day Open Close
Monday 08:00 21:00
Tuesday 08:00 21:00
Wednesday 08:00 21:00
Thursday 08:00 21:00
Friday 08:00 21:00
Saturday 08:00 21:00
Sunday 08:00 21:00

The EUROPCAR Rental Desk at Zurich Airport is located at:

Europcar Direct


Tel: +41 (43) 2555656

Rental Desk Location: In Terminal

Both the vehicle and hire desk/counter are located inside the terminal.

What rental cars are available from Europcar at Zurich Airport?

The rental cars available from Europcar at Zurich Airport are:

What are the cheapest rental cars available from Europcar at Zurich Airport?

The lowest priced rental cars from Europcar at Zurich Airport per category are:

What automatic car rentals does Europcar offer at Zurich Airport?

Europcar offer the following automatic cars:

What manual/stick-shift car rentals does Europcar offer at Zurich Airport?

Europcar offer the following manual/stick-shift cars:

What petrol car rentals does Europcar offer at Zurich Airport?

Europcar offer the following petrol cars:

What diesel car rentals does Europcar offer at Zurich Airport?

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How much does it cost to add an additional driver to a rental car with EUROPCAR at Zurich Airport?
Category Models Daily Price
Compact Opel Astra, Volkswagen Golf... 9.26 CHF
Estate Seat Leon Estate, Volkswagen Passat Estate... 9.26 CHF
Fullsize Skoda Kodiaq... 9.26 CHF
Intermediate Volkswagen T-Roc... 9.26 CHF
Luxury Audi A6 Estate, Audi Q8... 9.26 CHF
Minivan Mercedes V Class, Volkswagen Sharan, Volkswagen T6, Volkswagen Touran... 9.26 CHF
Premium Audi A4 Estate, Audi Q5... 9.26 CHF
Special Audi Q7, Volkswagen Touareg... 9.26 CHF
Standard Audi A3 Sportback, Skoda Karoq, Skoda Octavia Estate, Skoda Octavia Scout... 9.26 CHF
SUV Volkswagen Tiguan... 9.26 CHF

* Prices shown are approximate based on currency conversion. Please check at time of booking.

What is the fuel policy when renting a car from EUROPCAR at Zurich Airport?

Code Description
FULLFULL Fuel: Pick up and return full.

*Some companies may offer alternative fuel policies on request.

What additional equipment can I rent with a rental car from EUROPCAR at Zurich Airport?

Item Daily Price
Booster seat
2.86 CHF
Child toddler seat
4.00 CHF
20.37 CHF
Infant child seat
5.00 CHF
Ski rack
3.90 CHF
Snow chain set
3.57 CHF

* Prices shown are approximate based on currency conversion. Please check at time of booking.
* Some companies may offer additional equipment at the rental desk.

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Car Brands Available to Rent from Europcar at Zurich Airport

Europcar has 43 different types of vehicles from 33 manufacturers available to hire at Zurich Airport.